French Montana Says Rappers Will Have “Garage Auctions” After Quarantine


Rappers love to show off all the finer things that their lifestyles allegedly affords them, but French Montana believes this quarantine will show just who is being real about their finances. The rapper chatted with TMZ Live about how he’s living under this current lockdown and said it’s made him appreciate all that he has. He also shared a few thoughts about his fellow entertainers, saying that for those that are living paycheck to paycheck, things are going to continue to become more stressful.

French Montana
Jason Merritt/TERM / Staff / Getty Images

“Everybody’s getting put to tests about one thing and one thing only: Was you saving money when you was rapping?” French Montana told the outlet. “Did you build the capital? Did you build a retirement plan? Since I been working, I always would spend and I would save. I always dreamed about a beautiful exit one day. I always save money for a rainy day. You don’t see things like this coming, so there’s a lot of artists out there that live check to check. It’s gonna be a lotta garage auctions, I’ll tell you that much.”

Aside from the COVID-19 quarantine talk, French Montana also shared that he has a documentary in the works that highlights his life, beginning with his move from Africa to New York when he was 13-years-old to the successful career he’s built today. Let us know if you agree with him about his comments on rappers’ spending.



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