French Montana’s Wants Jim Jones For Inaugural Cocaine City DVDs Live


French Montana’s on his cocky sh*t these days, especially when it comes to his catalog, as he should be. French has been blessing the streets with bangers for over a decade at this point. However, before dropping hits like “Unforgettable” and even joints like “Choppa Down”, it was the Cocaine City DVDs that established his name in the streets. 

As IG Live battles run rampant during the quarantine, with French even going hit-for-hit against Tory Lanez, he, too, is getting a bit restless at home. So he’s getting in on the IG Live fun and bringing back Cocaine City DVDs Live. For its grand opening, it appears that French is looking for his former foe, Jim Jones, to go hit-for-hit on Live. Tagging CEO Slow in the first post, he wrote, “Tell your man I’m looking for him.” Though this seems far more playful than malicious, CEO Slow did respond in the comments.

“Are you serious?” He asked. “This been going on for 15 years now I think i’s time n%z let this shit go. There’s real shit [happening] in these times today.” 

Still, French persisted, replying to the comment, “Where’s your man.”

That wasn’t all. French Montana then shared a video of himself doing the Milly Rock to “We Fly High” doubling down on his initial challenge. At this point, Jim Jones has not responded. 


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