Funk Flex Calls Out Industry Folks Using DMX For Clout But Haven’t Checked In


As Rap fans around the world await news about DMX’s recovery, Funkmaster Flex has a bone to pick with the industry. The famed DJ has known Dark Man X for years and was devastated by the news that DMX reportedly suffered a heart attack following a drug overdose. The rapper’s loved ones have gathered outside of the hospital where DMX is being treated and held a vigil in his honor while Funk Flex got a few things off of his chest during a recent chat with Page Six.

DMX, Funk Flex, Nipsey Hussle, OVerdose
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“The music business is a gorilla. It’s a bottomless pit of happiness or depression,” said Flex. “I don’t wanna say people don’t help you but I do want to say there are people who actually know [when a star is struggling, but don’t help] sometimes… You don’t always get the best help when money is being made.”

“It’s rough for someone like a DMX who may be in a mental and emotional state of childhood trauma that has happened to him and then being thrown into the money and fame.” DMX has been candid about the struggles during his upbringing, the abuse he endured, and his life on the streets as a child.

“I know he shares his demons and we may have to amplify that demon and amplify his story and his feelings so that the next generation can kind of see a little better, a little clearer,” said Flex, before he called out X’s industry friends who haven’t kept in touch but were quick to through up photos of DMX on social media. “People can find the picture…that they had with the person that’s going through a tragedy in thirty seconds, but you haven’t called that person in ten years.”

DMX, Funk Flex, Nipsey Hussle, Page Six,Overdose
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“Let me see the picture of you when you went afterwards to his house because you was so concerned,” Flex added. “I never see that picture where they go to the house. Nipsey Hussle passed away and every washed-up rapper made a pilgrimage to L.A. to go to the Marathon store to take a picture or to get their cards swiped. Bro, Nipsey needed that support when he was alive.”

Do you agree with Flex? Check out images from DMX’s vigil below.