Funk Flex Names The “Hottest Rapper Out”


Though some might argue that radio doesn’t hold as much relevancy as it once did, the word of Funkmaster Flex still holds value. Known for his appreciation of bars in the purest form (some say that he actually gains nutrients from them), Funk Flex has been no stranger to the hot take, though many have come to appreciate his frank delivery and unapologetic demeanor. 

Funkmaster Flex

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images 

While it’s hard to debate the current best rapper of today, given how many viable options exist at any given moment, Funk Flex recently came through to offer up his own decisive take on the matter. Sharing a clip of DaBaby spitting in an upcoming music video, Flex gave him a glowing endorsement, deem him the “Hottest rapper out, but you knew that already!”

While it’s unclear as to whether or not Flex’s “hottest” label speaks to the quality of work or simple popularity, it’s evident that the longtime radio personality holds DaBaby in the highest regard. He’s certainly not alone in that assessment, as the game at large has been quick to rally around the North Carolina spitter. Case in point, DaBaby earned a lofty placement — sixth place to be exact — as one of 2021’s most-streamed rappers of the year so far. 

Check out Funk Flex’s glowing review of DaBaby below, and sound off if you agree with the man — is DaBaby the hottest rapper out right now?