Funkmaster Flex Reflects On His Role In Drake & Meek Mill Beef


Funkmaster Flex has made no secret of one simple fact — he’s got an opinion, and he’s not afraid to share it. And while he’s occasionally ruffled a few feathers, many have found Flex’s honesty to be refreshing. After all, this is the man who has arranged enough classic freestyles in his day to merit the benefit of the doubt. 

The legendary radio host recently sat down for an interview on Rap Radar’s Cigar Talk show, and while he covered a variety of topics — including a scathing assessment of Cardi B’s rapping ability — one of the most interesting came from his reflection on Drake and Meek Mill’s infamous beef. By his own admission, he actually played a role in stoking the fires. Fans likely remember Flex playing a “10 Bands” reference track during his show, attempting to validate Meek Mill’s ghostwriting accusations at the onset of the feud. 

Meek Mill Drake

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Sensing an opportunity to insert himself in the history books, Flex looked to one of hip-hop’s classic battles — that of KRS-One, DJ Red Alert, MC Shan, who previously bumped heads over the birthplace of hip-hop. “I gotta be honest, I kind of bit that whole routine, or my involvement. I was copying, watching Red Alert and MC Shan and KRS-One,” admits Flex, around the thirty-six-minute mark. “And I watched people throw the flame on it and I said, ‘If I throw the flame on it, this can be one of those.’ … I ain’t gonna lie, I wanted to be in the history book like Red Alert and Shan and KRS-One.”

Funkmater Flex

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When asked if he attempted to arrange a premiere for Meek Mill’s response to “Charged Up” and “Back To Back,” Flex smiled, his eyes speaking volumes. “You know what, Meek was always in a cheerful phase about [it]—he wasn’t overly stressed,” explains Flex. “I wanna say I feel maybe me and Meek must have had a miscommunication on the song, or what it was gonna be.”

“I did reach out to him, and was like hey,” he chuckles, heavily implying that he intended on premiering Meek’s “Wanna Know.”  “I did do that! And he was like, ‘Of course, man.’ And then I might have said, ‘All right, Monday?’ I might’ve. And then I thought he agreed.” Alas, Flex did not end up premiering Meek’s record as arranged, and “Wanna Know” ended up dropping a few days later.

Check out Funk Flex’s own assessment of his role in the Drake vs. Meek conflict below, courtesy of Cigar Talk.