Future & Drake Work Everyday Jobs In “Life Is Good Visual


The cover art for “Life is Good” suggests that Future ad Drake have been taking their time cooking up something special for their fans. Not long ago, the two rappers were spotted serving up meals at a fast-food restaurant. Some people thought it was some sort of prank, but it looks like it was all for the “Life is Good” visual, and Future’s track featuring Drake is a multi-leveled mix while the video shows the chart-topping pair hard at work at various jobs.

In the visual, the pair work I.T., get their hands dirty as mechanics, pick up trash for Waste Management, and sell smartphones—just to name a handful of professions. Drake opens the track with his verse while Future handles the rest. They have a few noteworthy guest appearances including looks from Lil Yachty, Mike Will Made-It, and 21 Savage, so check out the Director X-directed music video and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

Granny, she was standin’ right there
While I catch a play on a brick, woo
I make them lil’ n*ggas go haywire
Taliban in this b*tch, woo
I done been down bad in them trenches
Had to ride with that stick, woo

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