Future & Lori Harvey Finally Go Public With Their Relationship, Twitter Savagely Reacts


For well over a month now, people and publications have been speculating that Future and Lori Harvey were dating. Internet detectives have put pieces together to prove that Future and Harvey being repeatedly spotted in the same locations was no coincidence. Despite their relationship status being pretty obvious before, it can now be confirmed with certainty. It’s Harvey’s 23rd birthday weekend and she decided to celebrate by sharing her love for Future with the world. She posted a video of the Atlanta rapper kissing her on the cheek while they’re away on vacation

Unsurprisingly, Twitter has found several reasons to make fun Future and Lori Harvey’s relationship. Future is often viewed to be toxic (see: his endless baby mama drama and the recent meme of him sending nauseating texts), so some are arguing that Harvey could do better than him. Others are praising Harvey for being the one to reveal she is dating Future, rather than the other way around. This is being seen as a power move on her part. Harvey’s extensive dating history has some believing that Future has finally met his promiscuous match. Alongside the dating rumours, there was widespread curiosity about how Lori’s parents feel about her choice of man. Steve Harvey finally commented on his stepdaughter’s relationship, but rather than slandering Future, he claimed ignorance regarding the whole situation. 

Here are some varied reactions to Future and Lori becoming official.  

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