Future Opens “Hotlanta’s” Pop-Up Restaurant From “Life Is Good” Video


Future is really going all in with the “Life is Good” promo, taking things to a whole new level. This weekend, the rapper brought the “Hotlanta’s” fast food restaurant from the music video for the Drake-featured track to life. A Mrs. Winner’s on 4350 Fulton Industrial Blvd. SW in Atlanta, the same location where the scenes of Future and Drake working as food service workers at the fictional “Hotlanta’s” chain were filmed, has temporarily been transformed into “Hotlanta’s” and opened to the public for a limited time. The pop-up joint was unveiled on Friday, but will only stay open until Sunday night, so local Altantans better act quick and hit it up if they haven’t already.

Future is making up for “Hotlanta’s” brief existence, however, by offering up long opening hours. The restaurant will be open from 5:30am-10:00pm, and you may even see Future serving up some grub himself! 

Epic Records shared a video of the transformation taking place. In the clip, signage is replaced with “Hotlanta’s” logos, “Life is Good” window decals and neon signs are installed, and an “employees of the month” poster featuring Future and Drake is shown hanging on the wall.

While an exact menu has not been revealed, a Hotlanta’s chicken sandwich is promoted in the window and burgers and fries are served in the clip.

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