Future Requests Gag Order In Paternity Lawsuit Again To Cease Public Slander


It’s been months of news regarding paternity lawsuits against Future. Two women, Eliza Seraphin and Cindy Parker, have been claiming that Future is the father of their young children. They have taken to social media several times to pressure Future into taking accountability or a DNA test, at least. Seraphin has been promoting her anti-Future campaign with merch, selling t-shirts that have “1-800-DEADBEAT” written across the chest. She also posted a DNA test on Instagram that shows there is a 99.9% chance that her child and Parker’s child are siblings

Future has refrained from defending himself on social media, instead opting to settle matters in court. It was reported that he requested a gag order against Seraphin back in August, but evidently it wasn’t approved. Considering that tidbits of this situation continue to leak out to the public, Future is attempting once again to silence Seraphin through court-sanctioned measures. 

According to legal documents obtained by BOSSIP, a few days before Christmas, Future filed for an evidentiary hearing on his motion for a gag order in Seraphin’s paternity lawsuit, since he claims she is spreading “false and baseless allegations.” BOSSIP also shared that a “a source with knowledge of the situation believes that Future may be taking his time in pursuing the gag order as a tactic to drag the case out and delay him from having to take a DNA test.” This might make sense of the fact that Future’s lawyer cancelled his last request for a gag order at the last minute. We now await the judge’s decision.

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