Future Sounds Nothing Like Himself In 2003 Audio When His Name Was “Meathead”


Atlanta icon Future’s major-label debut Pluto still earns some spin-time on our playlists every so often but years before that was even a thing, the rapper was using a different name to get off his ideas. These days, we view Future as one of the coolest dudes on the planet. He’s seemingly unbothered by everything that goes on around him, moving carefree and flaunting his extravagant lifestyle in all of his musical displays. Fresh off the release of his new single “Life Is Good” with Drake, Big Fewtch is currently enjoying his spare time with none other than Lori Harvey, confirming their relationship on social media and making tons of headlines. Because of the added attention, people went digging to find some of the artist’s older material and one person was surprised to find some audio from 2003 when he was still known as “Meathead The Phuture.” The song was tweeted out and it’s since gone viral with everyone remarking just how different he sounds these days.

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Considering the fact that this was recorded over fifteen years ago, it makes sense that Future’s style has changed this much. However, it’s still shocking to note just how much of a switch he made in his sound. Some are saying that he was attempting to emulate Andre 3000’s swag while others are comparing him to harder rappers from Atlanta. Whoever you think he sounds like, it’s hard to point a finger and automatically say “hey, this is Future” when listening to this. These days, his style is so distinguishable but back in 2003, he didn’t even sound like himself.

Listen below and let us know what you think.

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