Future’s Alleged Baby Mamas Form Coalition To Take Him Down


Yesterday, we reported that Future has been targeted in ANOTHER paternity case, for what would be his eighth child. According to TMZ, Cindy Renae Parker has filed legal docs in Nueces County, Texas alleging Future is the father of her 3-month-old son, Legend Ary. Parker apparently tried to settle things with Future privately with a DNA test, but Future refused to cooperate. 

Parker is just as fed up with Future’s neglect of his parental responsibilities as Eliza Seraphin. Seraphin has been going after Future in court and on social media for months for failing to provide for his supposed daughter, Reign. However, her attempts have ultimately fallen flat and now Future appears to be the one on the attack. The Wizrd artist has tried to get her to stop defaming his name by enacting a gag order and more recently accused her of fraud

Parker and Seraphin must be under the impression that there’s strength in numbers because they have been demonstrating their solidarity on Instagram. Seraphin co-signed Parker’s accusation via an IG story that stated Future “goes around making promises and babies.” The two alleged baby mamas now follow each other on Instagram so they can further conspire against Future. Parker commented, “Happy 6 months Reign,” on a photo of Seraphin’s baby. One could assume that the next step in their burgeoning alliance will be arranging a play-date between Reign and Legend.

Seraphin has also started selling t-shirts that have, “1 (800) DEADBEAT,” written across the chest. She posted a photo of herself wearing her paternity case’s merch with the caption, “#justtakethetest.” Perhaps the proceeds will go towards funding legal fees. 

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