Future’s Alleged Baby Mamas Have Their Children Meet On FaceTime


Although Future has been proclaiming that “Life Is Good”, paternity lawsuits continue to drag him into drama. Eliza Seraphin and Cindy Parker have both been going after the rapper for months for allegedly being the father of their children and refusing to assume any ownership of them. Future refrains from publicly commenting on this whole mess, but updates on the legal battle frequently leak.

Last we heard, Future responded to Seraphin’s request for him to take a paternity test with a request for her to undergo a psychological evaluation. He is convinced that she suffers from mental health issues, which he believes to be evidenced by her erratic behaviour on social media. Seraphin has repeatedly come after Future on Instagram and he argues that she might be doing this all for clout.  

There is a chance that Future will cite Seraphin’s latest IG post as proof that she’s trying to put on a performance for her followers. Seraphin and Parker arranged for their young sons to have a virtual playdate on FaceTime. She captioned the screenshots of the babies meeting one another: “Almost every day I pray that these two grow together and never let anything or anyone come in between them ❤️ #BFFs” 

This isn’t the first sign of Seraphin and Parker being in cahoots.  

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