Future’s “Crushed Up” Kicks Off HBO’s “Watchmen” Premiere


The influence of Future’s The WIZRD is only now beginning to manifest. Considered among the year’s lowkey best albums, Future’s darkest project in a minute featured plenty of mysterious and hazy imagery. It’s no wonder that the team behind HBO and Damon Lindelof’s Watchmen series, a “remix” of Alan Moore’s iconic graphic novel, looked to Big Future for sonic inspiration. In what may very well prove to be the crossover event of 2019, the series premiere kicked off with Future’s “Crushed Up,” sending social media into a celebratory uproar. 

The premiere, titled “It’s Summer and We’re Running Out of Ice,” was directed by Nicole Kassell. She revealed that it was actually Lindelof who co-signed the Future placement, speaking with Complex about the showrunner’s visionary status. “I think one of my favorite things about Damon’s work is his use of music,” she revealed. “And he’s so good at finding a song that is a perfect contradiction to a scene yet then it somehow works. And the words of that song is actually really relevant to the theme of the episode or the title of the episode.”

Clearly, the wisdom of Future knows no bounds. May his presence continue to infiltrate HBO in the coming months. Have you watched The Watchmen yet? 

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