Fyre Fest Cheese Sandwich Tweet Being Sold As An NFT


It’s been a few years since the infamous Fyre Festival nearly took place. Truthfully, it seems like it would’ve been a page out of 2020’s book but somehow, it predates what has been defined as one the worst year in modern times. Of course, Ja Rule’s involvement in this sham event made it all the more hilarious, even as he’s attempted to distance himself.

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

With the rise of NFTs in the world of art, it seems that one person could purchase the notorious photo of that repulsive cheese sandwich that sent the Internet ablaze.  Photographer Trevor DeHaas is selling his photo of the sandwich as an NFT beginning Tuesday at noon. The buyer of DeHaas’ photo will be able to own the “cultural touchstone” as well as the copyright ownership in order to monetize the IP. DeHaas explained that the proceeds from the NFT will go towards his kidney transplant and daily dialysis. The funny thing about the newly launched NFT is that it’s actually being sold on Ja Rule’s Flipkick platform 

“Initially the viral tweet came with a lot of negative connotations and assumptions about me; rich-spoiled-clout chasing-millennial-brat,” DeHaas told Complex via email.

“People assumed I paid $12,000 for a ticket and that I cared about going to the festival. The reality is that I went for free and I originally turned down the $500 ticket from my friend, Matt, who bought a group package. 8 people [for] $4,000. Matt wasn’t able to get rid of his remaining ticket and offered me the ticket for free. In exchange I would film a music video for his band, Hypothetical, at the festival. I remember thinking, ‘3 days in the Bahamas, what’s the worst that could happen?’ LOL.”