Fyre Festival Billy McFarland Wants 6ix9ine-Type Treatment


There was not a single way that Billy McFarland was going to get out of the Fyre Festival scandal scratch-free. And he didn’t. McFarland’s expected to be released in August 2023 on wire fraud charges but he’s already made a case that he’d be eligible to be released on home confinement in 2021. With the coronavirus pandemic becoming a serious threat in prison, McFarland is seeking to get a “compassionate release” just like Tekashi 6ix9ine.

According to TMZ, McFarland has requested that he’s released on “compassionate release” due to several factors including the coronavirus outbreak in conjunction with their preexisting health conditions and the fact that he’s not a violent offender. Elkton federal prison has been prone to several COVID-19 cases with Congressman Bill Johnson describing the prison as a “breeding ground for the virus.”

In documents filed, McFarland used Tekashi 6ix9ine’s recent release as an example as to why he should also be granted a compassionate release. Again, McFarland didn’t commit any violent acts of crime so his legal team compared his situation to a “former gang member who pleaded guilty to an array of charges including weapons possession, armed robbery and dealing fentanyl and heroin.”

His team said that he’s the perfect candidate for a compassionate release since he’s not only kept out of trouble in prison but also because he suffers from health issues stemming from his 20s.

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