Fyre Festival Reaches $2 Million Settlement In Class-Action Lawsuit: Report


It’s the gift that keeps on giving. The Fyre Festival was a cultural phenomenon that we all witnessed melt down in real-time, and the controversial festival-that-never-was remains tangled in the courts. Lawsuits against just about everybody have been played out in front of judges as people involved in the faux festival have been called to the carpet. The infamous organizer, Billy McFarland, is currently serving out a six-year sentence after pleading guilty to mail and wire fraud charges back in 2018. His Fyre partner, Ja Rule, continues to be ridiculed for his involvement.

Next week marks the four-year anniversary of the collapse of the Fyre Festival and finally, 277 ticket holders have reached a settlement in the class-action lawsuit. The New York Times reports that on Tuesday (April 13), a $2 million settlement was reached in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court. Although an agreement has been made, it still needs to be approved in a separate hearing on May 13.

According to the publication, the 277 ticket holders will receive $7,220 each to make up for their harrowing experience. Attendees famously shared images of the festival that was promoted as an exclusive, lavish, island getaway. Instead, they were met with food that was barely edible and inhabitable living quarters.

“Billy went to jail, ticket holders can get some money back, and some very entertaining documentaries were made,” said Ben Meiselas, a partner at the law firm representing the ticket holders. “Now that’s justice.”