G-Eazy Channels The Beatles With “When I’m Sixty-Four” Cover


Though not every rapper can attest to having more slaps than The Beatles, there’s nothing stopping rappers from laying down the finest attempt at a Beatles cover they can muster. That’s exactly what G-Eazy opted to do in honor of his mother’s birthday, taking to SoundCloud with a cover of the heartfelt ditty penned by Paul McCartney back in 1966. In keeping with the original’s arrangement, Gerald trades in his usual approach in favor of an honest attempt at singing; though not exactly frequently tread ground for him, it’s all the more endearing because of it. If that wasn’t enough, his brother James is on board to ably hold down the trumpet section.

For those unfamiliar with The Beatles and their legendary catalog, “When I’m Sixty-Four” was one of the first songs ever written by Paul McCartney, who penned the lyrics when he was only sixteen. The song was eventually released on their classic album Seargant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, and its simplistic lyrics and sweet sentiment have clearly resonated decades down the line. It’s likely that G-Eazy’s mother holds the song dear, so hearing him come through with a birthday cover is a good look for the Bay Area rascal. Even if Sir Paul’s shoes aren’t exactly easy to fill.

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