G-Eazy Puts Forth Another Beatles Cover With “I’m So Tired”


While many have come to appreciate G-Eazy for his rapping ability, the Bay Area artist is a man of many talents. Ever since the Quarantine started, G-Eazy has been steadily lining up a slew of covers, including his most recent take on The Beatles’ “I’m So Tired.” The drop comes on the heels of yet another Beatles cover with “When I’m Sixty-Four,” as well as a brooding and eerie take on Radiohead’s breakout single “Creep.” Of the bunch, however, there’s a case to be made that this one is his best so far — at the very least, his most soothing.

The song itself, which derives from the undisputed 1968 classic The White Album, is a solid choice for G-Eazy — not to mention one that signals his appreciation for The Beatles’ deeper catalog. Taking to a lullaby-esque arrangement from Christoph Andersson, G-Eazy pulls his vocals back and simply floats, never pushing himself beyond his capabilities. If not for anything, the cover serves as a solid reminder of simply how fantastic The Beatles really were as songwriters. Check it out below, and sound off — is this a direction you could get used to from G-Eazy?

source https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/g-eazy-puts-forth-another-beatles-cover-with-im-so-tired-new-song.1986957.html

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