G-Eazy’s GF Uses Nicki Minaj Clip To Describe Her Mood After Megan Thee Stallion Kiss


Imagine finding out that your relationship is over via social media… Even worse: imagine finding out because of a video that your significant other willingly posted cuddling up to another person. That’s what dutch model Yasmin Wijnaldum is going through right now. Bad boy G-Eazy has long been on the dating market, spending time with just about every baddie in the game. Seemingly stalking the Wilhemina headquarters, Young Gerald has been shacking up with Yasmin for months but, this weekend, a video showing the Bay Area greaser and Megan Thee Stallion on the couch, kissing and cuddling, made its way onto the internet. Fans were seriously caught off guard as these were honestly the last two people we would have expected to see together. Apparently, G-Eazy’s girlfriend was also not anticipating the news, reacting with a lot of laughter online.

Updating her Instagram story, Wijnaldum posted a video of Nicki Minaj on the Ellen Show, laughing her head off with the caption reading, “mood.” While she doesn’t outwardly reference the kiss between Megan and G, it’s safe to assume that’s what she’s talking about. She then went on to wink while listening to “Thot Box,” but the lyrics in the background cleared up her sentiments immensely. “You be f*cking anything that move, you got thot c*ck,” raps the star.

Yasmin appears to be handling this well but, for real, you can’t deny that G-Eazy did her dirty on this one.

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