G Herbo Fights His Demons On “Sessions” Single


It may have been delivered under a different name, but G Herbo has finally released his album Sessions. For months, Herbo has been hyping up this project under the title PTSD. It was Herbo’s intention of sharing an intimate, vulnerable project that detailed his life experiences—some that were often traumatic—that helped shape him and his loved ones into who they are today.

The title track from Sessions does just that as Herbo raps about “fighting [his] demons” as he bears the weight and responsibility of those around him. He does talk about the finer things in life that the rap game affords him, but the stress of taking care of his lady and his friends behind bars, as well as making sure he’s mentally stable, can take a toll if he doesn’t find balance. Check out Herbo’s full Sessions project here, and give the title track a few spins before you let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

My homies in the pen’, I’m talkin’ to them like, “How much I send?”
I just ran it up, couldn’t even complain, I was built to win (Yeah)
Sometimes I think why God keep blessin’ me and I’m committin’ sins?
How come my b*tch keep stressin’ me? Man, look at the crib we in
Hell yeah, I’ma live it up with my n*ggas, look at all the sh*t we did
And my neck start hurtin’ when I put my chains on, ’cause them b*tches big

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