G Herbo Has A Few Words About How Certain Women Carry Themselves Online


With his second child’s arrival on the horizon, G Herbo has become a different man. The rapper has spoken about the life’s events that have caused him to reevaluate how he approaches his personal and professional life, and during a recent sit-down with Million Ddollaz Worth of Game, Herbo shared a few thoughts about the dating scene.

It has been well-publicized that G Herbo and his fiancé Taina Williams are about to welcome their first child together, and while people attempt to smear the couple’s romance, the rapper remains dedicated to his lady. Herbo recently spoke about how social media has caused a shift in how people approach dating and revealed that even if he was single, the Instagram models wouldn’t be the first to catch his attention.

“We was just having a conversation in the studio like, nowadays, this sh*t really like set up for a person to really not, to not be in a relationship,” said Herbo. “Whether you a man, a woman, whatever it is. ‘Cause the way women carry theyself on the internet, that sh*t cool, it might be fun. Even if a n*gga f*ck you, I’m not gonna wanna be with you, you know what I’m saying?”

“I’ll never really make you what I got at home,” he added. “It don’t even mix.” One of the hosts asked if Herbo was saying he’d want to sleep with the woman, just not take her seriously. “Even if I was single right now, the sh*t you see every day on the internet, I wouldn’t be with that. I wouldn’t be with it. I wouldn’t want to build a family with none of that sh*t.”

“Even if we startin’ from scratch, I know it’s something to build. I can really build with my girl.” Do you agree with Herbo’s take on what is occurring in the dating scene, especially with how women present themselves on social media? Check out G Herbo’s clip below.