Gallant Shines On 8-Track EP “Neptune”


Gallant is one of the best r&b singers out right now and whenever he drops new music, you can be sure that fans are going to find it and gravitate to it. The artist knows how to tell a story and he can also grasp at the emotions that many people face whenever they are in relationships. With that being said, many were excited for his new 8-track EP Neptune which certainly did not disappoint.

With a runtime of just 28 minutes, this is a project that can be digested in a single car ride and if you’re listening to it alongside your significant other, then you will certainly have a great time. Each track is buttery smooth and there are three features to be had here, including ones from Arin Jay, Brandy, and VanJess.

If you’re a Gallant fan this is an absolute must-listen, and you can stream it, below.


1. Comeback.
2. Chemical Romance.
3. Dynamite. (ft. Brandy)
4. Julie.
5. Third Eye Blind. (ft. Arin Ray)
6. Scars.
7. No More Tries. (ft. VanJess)
8. Relapse.