Gallant’s Sophomore Album “Sweet Insomnia” Is Here


We had to wait three years, but Gallant’s sophomore effort is finally here. This time around, the 27-year-old singer wanted to make a throwback album. He wanted to bring back the synths and runs of early 2000’s R&B and everything about Sweet Insomnia gives you that sweet nostalgia. “I wanted it to feel like a shoebox you kept under your bed full of Polaroid,” he told Complex. However, when we got teasers for this project in the form of three singles (“Compromise,” “Sleep On It,” “Sharpest Edges”), it was clear that Gallant was keeping things fresh. 

While the cover art and some of the instrumentals might aim to evoke a dark aesthetic, Gallant’s vocals are too warm for Sweet Insomnia to be anything but incredibly pleasant. His voice is stretched to all of its dazzling extremes on this album and he reminds us that he has one of the sharpest falsettos in the game. The only features on the project come from fellow R&B powerhouses, 6LACK and Sabrina Claudio, the latter of whom is currently accompanied by Gallant on tour.

Give Sweet Insomnia a spin to mellow out your weekend. Tell us how you’re feeling bout it in the comments. 


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