“Game Of Thrones” Star Esmé Bianco Says Marilyn Manson “Whipped” & “Scarred” Her


Marilyn Manson has denied the abuse allegations that his ex-fiancée Evan Rachel Wood made against him last week, but the allegations continue mounting as more and more women come forward with their stories of abuse. Now, Game Of Thrones star Esmé Bianco is claiming that her relationship with the rock star left her with physical and emotional scars, speaking out for the first time.

Jesse Grant/Getty Images

Bianco was a fan of Marilyn Manson when she was a teenager and eventually entered a relationship with the singer, and she’s claiming that her time with the accused predator, real name Brian Warner, left her with scars and PTSD. After being cast in his music video for “I Want to Kill You Like They Do in the Movies”, Bianco says that the shoot quickly turned into physical abuse. She says that she was tied to a prayer kneeler, whipped, and agitated with a Violet Wand sex toy on her wounds. The video was never released and Bianco says she was left with scars.

She kept in contact with Manson, later moving in with him after leaving her husband. Manson was to help Bianco get a work visa to stay in the United States. “I basically felt like a prisoner,” she said. She left his house after two months, saying that Manson threatened her with an ax. He also allegedly cut her with a knife.

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Bianco’s allegations come days following those of Jenna Jameson and Phoebe Bridgers. It was also reported that Manson body-shamed Lana Del Rey during an interview, referring to her as “Lasagna Del Rey” and making inappropriate comments about her.

We’ll keep you posted on any news regarding the allegations against Marilyn Manson.