George Floyd’s Second Memorial Takes Place Today In North Carolina


As of right now, there are massive protests going on throughout the United States and they were all sparked following the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police. Now former officer Derek Chauvin kept Floyd on the ground for nine minutes despite Floyd being deceased for three of those minutes. It was a horrific display of police brutality and many American citizens have had enough.

Since his tragic death, his family, celebrities, and even the public have been in mourning. A few days ago, a service was held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which is where he was killed. The service featured celebrities like T.I, Tiffany Haddish, and even Kevin Hart. Today, a second service is being held in Hoke County, North Carolina which is where Floyd was born.

According to the family, this second service will be much more private than the first one although it will be viewable via Livestream as of 3 PM EST. Earlier this morning, there was a public viewing that saw many people in the community come by to pay respects.

Floyd spent the vast majority of his life in Houston and that’s where a third service will be held on Monday.


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