George R. R. Martin Claims Books Will End Differently Than “Game Of Thrones”


It’s no secret that the final season of HBO’s Game Of Thrones was not exactly met with favorable reviews. In fact, quite the opposite; the vitriol surrounding it was enough to send showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss into hiding. In response, many fans turned to George R.R. Martin for salvation, a solution that comes equipped with its own set of frustrations. For one, the last book in the series was published in 2011, in tandem with the show’s first season. It’s been nearly a decade now, and sixth installment Winds Of Winter is nowhere to be found — and yet hope still remains.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Speaking with a German newspaper, Martin provided an interesting update on the future of his A Song Of Ice And Fire series. According to the translations of Page Six, Martin teased that “People know an ending — but not the ending.” A declaration that suggests his own vision will deviate from that of Benioff and Weiss’ series, which found (SPOILERS) King Bran sitting atop the Iron Throne after Danaerys Targaryen’s murder at Jon Snow’s hands. 

Of course, you can bet it would be tempting for George to flip the script and further bamboozle his loyal readers, especially now that enough dust has settled since The Iron Throne first aired. Yet it’s reached the point where simply releasing the book would be bamboozlement in itself. Are you still invested in the epic fantasy saga? 



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