Georgia Scraps Road Test To Obtain License During Pandemic


Georgia just made getting a driver’s license far easier during the pandemic but is this a good thing? Fox reports that Georgia Governor Brian Kemp just made an executive decision for teenagers who are getting their license during the pandemic to skip over the driving test, given that they get permission from their parents. 

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Teen drivers are still expected to fulfill all other requirements to obtain a license but the on-road test has been suspended in wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Due to the fact that a driving test would require the driver and the instructor sitting side-by-side, the Department of Driver Services revealed the new policy to respect social distancing measures.

“During these unprecedented times, the Department of Driver Services is trying to make it as easy as a process for people to get their license and to lessen the burden on people right now,” Stormi Kenney, owner of Kennesaw Driving School, told the local news outlet.

Kenney still made it clear that students would have to make sure they got all 40 hours of supervised time inside of a wheel with a licensed driver. 

This is not a permanent decision, however. The state’s executive order will extend into mid-May but with the current state of the pandemic, perhaps this might get extended even longer.


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