Germ’s New Song, “Picture Perfect,” Goes Off


Germ dropped his G59 Records debut, GERM HAS A DEATH WISH, in March, but he’s now back with more. Germ seems like the kind of guy who has an excess of energy and his new song, “Picture Perfect,” sounds like a controlled explosion of it. Shortening song lengths is a current trend in hip hop which is proving to be beneficial for both the artist and the listener. While shrinking attention spans are largely to blame for this phenomenon, when an artist makes full use of every second of a brief track, it can result in a product with immense replay value. 

Germ’s “Picture Perfect” doesn’t even reach the two-minute mark, but it’s fun all the way through. The Atlanta skater-turned-rapper told RESPECT Mag that his music career “just came naturally out of being lit up, going crazy, doing my ‘live fast, die young’ thing.” That rebellious spirit seems to be the fuel that allows Germ to burst across the track, sputtering grill-slurred bars with infectious flows. 

Quotable Lyrics

Diamonds hit like Jackie Chan in real life, not the ‘Gram
Percocet and Hi-Tech, I’m a whole ‘nother man
Get that Glock, don’t check my ho
They gon’ throw me in that scam


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