Get Familiar With Kaash Paige’s “Parked Car Convos” EP


Dallas-bred songstress Kaash Paige arrived last month with a pristine new effort in the form of her debut Parked Car Convos EP. The delivery marks the entry of yet another captivating voice in the shifting landscape of R&B. The quieted new arrival makes an appropriate candidate to score those late-night gatherings in the homie’s whip.

“In a parked car conversation, you talk about everything,” Kaash tells DJBooth. “Stuff with your friends, stuff with your boo. It’s either deep and intimate, or real goofy. When I made my EP, it was just stuff I was talking about on the daily: females, smoking gas, traveling the world, hanging out. The EP was describing my everyday life in the car, with somebody, just being real.”

Get into Parked Car Convos below.


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