Giannis Antetokounmpo Reacts After Breaking Thunder Sign In Fit Of Rage


Coming into this season, the Oklahoma City Thunder were expected to be on a steep decline while the Milwaukee Bucks were viewed as a team that could win it all. Last night, both teams faced off against each other and it turned out to be quite a struggle for the Bucks at first. The Thunder were up by six at halftime and Giannis only had 11 points. He was so upset by what was happening out on the court that when heading back to the locker room, he kicked a Thunder sign in the hallway and completely broke it.

The scene was pretty hilarious without the context of the kick although it should be noted that the Bucks immediately got better in the second half. Giannis went on to score 35 points and 16 rebounds while propelling his team to a huge 121-119 win. With the victory, the Bucks improved their record to 7-3 and are now firmly one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference.

After the game, Giannis spoke about his mini temper tantrum and what he plans to do with the sign moving forward.

“Obviously, I’ll try to pay for the sign or I can trade you guys with a Bucks sign when you guys come to Milwaukee but there’s no excuse for that,” he said. 

Clearly, The Greek Freak is feeling a little remorseful for his outburst.


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