Gilbert Arenas Recalls Wild Story Of Boston Fan Calling Him The N-Word


Gilbert Arenas is one of the more honest and entertaining figures in basketball. His antics during his NBA career are well-documented and he isn’t shy to talk about the things he’s done or experienced. Yesterday, Arenas was incredibly honest about what happened between Isaiah Thomas and the fan in Philadelphia. Essentially, Arenas was completely against what Thomas did and explained how the player should be a lot less sensitive. Arenas felt like the fan didn’t say anything out of the ordinary and that Thomas should get thicker skin.

While the original Instagram post was deleted, a story from the comments was salvaged. In response to a fan, Arenas talked about an instance in which he was heckled by a Celtics fan although he ended up owning him in the end.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

“In Boston…kid was calling me the N word…I said imma bust your teams ass and it will be ur fault,” Arenas explained via Complex. “Every time I scored I said it’s ur fault…every time I missed (u suck piece of shit) 4th were up 15 I get subbed out and looked at him and said (n***a lover, u have on a Paul Pierce jersey) he started laughing and said u got me on that one. Every game after that he had on a wizards 0 jersey. It’s part of the game…just gonna entertain and understand…most of the time they came to see u anyway.”

This story is pretty crazy although Arenas tells it the only way he knows how. With this in mind, it’s clear where “No Chill Gil” stands on the whole fan interaction issue.


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