Gina Rodriguez Drops The N-Word & Twitter Has No Mercy


Gina Rodriguez has previously been accused of being anti-black, something she called “devasting” considering how she grew up and her love for the culture. Her recent Instagram move has not helped her previous controversy since the Jane The Virgin actress filmed herself saying the n-word as she sang along to The Fugees’ 1996 tune “Ready Or Not.”

In the clip below you can see Gina getting glammed up as the song plays in the background, dropping the n-word just before the clip ends. The video has thrown Twitter into a bit of a frenzy with people going off on the actress citing her previous ways. “YEAAAAAAAAAS GINA RODRIGUEZ SAID NIGGA IN HER INSTASTORY WE TAKING THAT BITCH DOWN AGAIN,” one user wrote

Gina has yet to respond to the clap back nature of the interweb and we can’t confirm if she even will. Peep some reactions below and let us know what you think in the comment section. 

“If anything, the black community is my community. When I speak about Latino advocacy, people think I’m only talking about people who are my skin color, but little do they know that I’m very aware of what my culture is,” Gina previously stated.


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