GoldLink Suggests He Threw His Phone After YBN Cordae’s Grammy Nod


GoldLink isn’t a fan of the Grammys. He made it quite clear when he took to the ‘Gram to air them out. “Honestly, its fuck Grammys til the day I die. I am no longer participating in that wild ass slave ass political ass cheating ass game any longer,” he wrote on Instagram. However, during a recent concert, he elaborated a bit further on his feelings towards the choices on the Best Rap Album nominations.

“It was Meek Mill. I was like uhhh,” he began. “Then there was like 21 Savage,” he continued before reenacting his confused reaction to the news. He continued to list off Tyler, The Creator, who he was happy for but it was apparently, YBN Cordae that had him fuming. “Then there was Tyler, The Creator,” he added to the sound of applause.

“And then I was like, Revenge Of The Dreamers [III] and I was like mmm..” he said. “And then there was this one n***a,” he said in reference to Cordae. “And I threw my phone.”

GoldLink has been having a hell of a week and all of the backlash he’s received has been self-inflicted. The rapper randomly hit Instagram this week to share a narcissistic tribute post about Mac Miller which somehow turned out to be about himself. Later clarifying the comments by stating Mac was one of his “best friends” — despite suggesting there was a feud between them — he still faced the wrath of Anderson .Paak who called him out for the post.


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