Goodie Mob’s Khujo Drops “Echoes Of A Legend” Solo Album Ft. CeeLo Green & More


Khujo Goodie delivered a solo project on Friday in the form of Echoes of a Legend, with features from all three of his fellow Goodie Mob members—CeeLo Green, T Mo Goodie, and Big Gipp—Big Mike, Dazz Dillinger, B Real, and more. The project consists of 15 tracks total, with a few skits sprinkled in in which he offers definitions of what it means to be a “legend” and breaks down certain regional slang. Khujo also released an alternate version of Echoes of a Legend, which features an instrumental version of all 12 full length tracks (minus the skits). Back in November, Khujo released a compilation album titled Feed The Lions Volume 1. Check out Echoes of a Legend and let us know what you think of this hip hop OG’s latest offering.

Echoes of a Legend Tracklist:

1. The Definition 1 – Skit
2. Go Further ft. Big Mike
3. No Powder No Make Up ft. Mrs. Dolla
4. Out Your League
5. Don’t Care Nuthin Bout It – Mob Remix ft. Big Gipp & T-Mo Goodie
6. LandBad – Skit
7. Hit Dawg
8. JoDaz ft. Daz Dillinger
9. The Definition 2 – Skit
10. Wes H Chn
11. Family First
12. Cypress Mobb ft. B Real
13. SWArmstrong PSA – Skit
14. Gangster Walk ft. CeeLo Green
15. The Struggle ft. E.D.I. Mean & Young Noble


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