Gorilla Glue Girl Tessica Brown Donating $20k From GoFundMe


After blowing up overnight for an unfortunate mistake, Gorilla Glue Girl, Tessica Brown is using her newfound fame for the betterment of others. Brown, who infamously applied Gorilla Glue to her hair after running out of hair spray, was freed from the adhesive after plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Obeng performed a glue removal procedure free of cost. Now sporting a new ‘do, she is looking to donate the money she made on GoFundMe to help with her hospital expenses to help those in a similar situation.

Brown’s manager told TMZ the viral sensation will be giving away nearly all of her money from the GoFundMe page. $20,000 will be donated to the Restore Foundation. Another $1000 will go towards Tessica’s emergency room visit in Louisiana prior to the plastic surgery. She made almost $24,000 from the online fundraiser.

Tessica spoke about the donation on her Instagram page saying, “With the remainder of the money I will be blessing three local families thanks for all the support love you guys so much thank you.”

The Restore Foundation is a product of Dr. Michael Obeng, the same surgeon who helped Tessica remove the Gorilla Glue from her hair.

 “Words cannot even explain how I feel about @drmichaelkobeng you really gave me my life back and I am forever grateful,” commented on an Instagram post with Dr. Obeng.

Brown has also profited off of her viral moment with “Tessica Merch”. The collection includes shirts with her face, spray bottles, hoodies, and sweatpants.