Gorillaz Team Up With Slowthai For New Track “Momentary Bliss”


Gorillaz are back with new music.

For “Momentary Bliss,” the band has teamed up with British rapper Slowthai and the band Slaves to kick off their Song Machine project. The track takes heavy influence from classic UK punk, a style of music that’s had a clear impact on Slowthai’s sound before: Check out “Doorman” off his latest album Nothing Great About Britain. The influence sounds fantastic here; it’s not over the top or disingenuous.

Thematically, the track argues that life can be better than simple “momentary bliss.” 2D raps, “You know, we could do so much better than this/Swimmin’ in pools of momentary bliss.”

Song Machine is an episodic project that will release over the course of the year. Gorillaz’s next collaboration will be with Tame Impala, as the band teased on Instagram earlier this week.

Check out “Momentary Bliss” below.

Quotable Lyrics:

It makes me sick to think you ain’t happy in your skin
It’s weird, a thing to think light bulb don’t blink
Just flickers to them, then it pops and withers
You’re a Turkey Twizzler, you deserve school dinners

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