Gregg Popovich Comments On Viability Of Women Coaches In The NBA


Gregg Popovich is one of the most successful NBA coaches of all-time as he has five NBA titles under his belt and has been coaching the San Antonio Spurs since the late 90s. Having been in the NBA for quite some time, Popovich has built a large sensitivity to those who have been marginalized in society. When it comes to the world of men’s sports, it’s been hard for women to get a fair shake in the fields of officiating and being a coach.

Popovich hired Becky Hammon to be one of his top assistant coaches just a few years ago and Pop ended up making waves with that hire. Since then, multiple female coaches have been hired and many see Popovich as a trailblazer in that regard. Recently, NBA insider Howard Fendrich asked Popovich about whether or not a woman could ever be the head coach and his answer was quite interesting.

Edward A. Ornelas/Getty Images

“There’s no difference between a woman who knows the game and a man who knows the game,” Popovich said. “It’s just another prejudice that probably has to be overcome.”

While Popovich makes a pretty good point, there will always be people out there who choose to remain prejudiced. With some many female assistant coaches, it’s just a matter of time before one is able to emerge as the leader of an NBA squad.


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