Griselda & 50 Cent Connect For G’d Up “City On The Map”


Upon receiving word that 50 Cent would be connecting with Westside Gunn, Conway, and Benny The Butcher for a feature on the upcoming What Would Chinegun Do, I deemed the collaboration a major milestone in gangsta rap. The idea that one of the millennium’s most impactful and commercially successful gangsta rappers, 50 Cent, would link up with today’s rawest trifecta for the grimy “City On The Map” speaks to the importance of the Griselda movement. It’s not easy to get a verse from Fif, and it’s possible he found himself moved by Westside Gunn, Conway, and Benny’s uncompromising vision. A passing of the torch, as it were.

Today, their collaboration has surfaced in select international markets, with the album set to release globally at Midnight. Despite being the group’s first Shady Records release, Em and Paul have allowed Griselda to lay their vision on the table and deliver it as they see fit. As for “City On The Map,” it lives up to expectations and then some. Grimy as hell, off-kilter and eerie, Conway rolls through with some rugged quotables. “I knew he was pussy when I shook his hand,” spits The Machine. “If we can’t get to him then we gon’ cook his man.”


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