Guapdad 4000 Claims Russ Snuck Him At Mala Luna; Wants His Fade


This weekend, Guapdad 4000 dropped off his Dior Deposits project and was set to christen the new effort with a set at San Antonio’s Mala Luna Festival. His inaugural experience at the festival, however, was marred when headliner Russ allegedly decided to spark a new beef with the Oakland rapper.

In a new clip uploaded to Instagram, Gupadad goes into detail about an instance backstage in which Russ snuck him and then retreated to his trailer, leaving his security to reportedly finish the job. According to Guapdad, things began when Russ took issue with a track on the emcee’s Dior Deposits project. More than likely, the track in question is the 6LACK-assisted “Prada Process” track that features a reference to the Atlanta-bred Russ: “You doin’ right but we don’t care, we call that doin’ Russ.”

“You thought it was cool to ask me to talk to me about a song that you didn’t like that’s on my album,” he begins in an extended IGTV clip. “You said, ‘Hey let’s talk about this song.’ I turned around and you snaked me. Then, ran in your trailer and had your security try to beat me up. Your security couldn’t get me, then your partners tried to chase me and then they got beat up by the fence.”

He would go on to remind Russ that he is, in fact, from Oakland, using his hometown as a valid calling card for his proverbial hands. He would then issue an ultimatum to Russ, requesting that the rapper fight him on camera.

“Either you circle back and try to fight me on camera–but if you were so bold to do this in front of everybody in random San Antonio, Texas, you could […] You snaked me. You got me. But when it comes to hands, you know you don’t wanna see me because your partners didn’t even wanna see me and I’m the skinniest ni–a in San Antonio, Texas. 

He would conclude by doubling down on his remarks and causing Russ’ set of stealing his phone, forcing him to have to record his PSA on his assistant’s device. Watch the clip in full below.

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Ask your friends face, let’s record it and do something with the footage?

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