Guapdad 4000 Samples Blac Chyna’s “Embezzled” Meme In New Snippet


Guapdad 4000 is no stranger to the interne’s wonders, and in his latest stunt, he proves it with ease.

Wasting no time, the west coast rapper took to the socials to upload a snippet of his latest piece of work–a track sampling Blc Chyna’s now-viral “Embezzled” meme.

For those just joining us, the clip in question features Chynayelling the word “Embezzled?” a countless number of times after a woman accuses her of embezzlement during an episode of her Zeus Network reality show.

Guapdad, well-known for his lyrical boasts of a flip or two, capitalized on the trend by taking this repetitive clip and using it as the basis for a new beat that he produced. Naturally, he also hops over the selection and treated fans to the cut.

“I sampled Blac Chyna saying EMBEZZLED and made the Fraud National Anthem,” he penned in a tweet.

“[Blac Chyna’s] partner said she embezzled some money on her taxes. That, of course, struck a really relevant chord in my heart as a scammer,” he said in a separate clip before playing his newest creation. As promised, fraud is at the root of the track’s message with the term painting its hook.

Listen below.


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