Guapdad 4000 Talks Fighting Russ, Buddy Collab Album, & More


Even if you aren’t wholly familiar with the name Guapdad 4000 or one of his many aliases, it’s likely you’ve heard the Oakland rapper in some capacity. Having first made a notable impression on the Revenge Of The Dreamers 3 album, Guap has since become a rising star in his circle, winning hearts and minds with his ongoing “Rona Raps” series and his most recent batch of new singles. Now, the Ferragamo Falcon has taken to Reddit’s hiphopheads subreddit for an extensive AMA, fielding most of the questions with a refreshing directness. 

When asked about his infamous scuffle with Russ, which ultimately led to Guap taking a sucker-punch for his troubles, he expressed interest in staging a more even-keeled rematch. “It’s so fucked up because as much as I want to catch that n****a Slippin he don’t come outside he’s not in the culture he’s not in the field nobodies legitimately friends with him that matters and that’s the type of people I be around so I would never see him to catch my fade,” he explains. “He makes his money and stays out the way. An admirable move for a less admirable bitch ass n***a.” 

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

He also reveals that he’s been kicking around an idea, one that would find him in direct collaboration with Russ, albeit with a hostile twist. “I actually thought about challenging Russ to do a song with me where we diss each other and send in the verse to a neutral engineer who wouldn’t leak the verses to either side,” he reflects. “He would mix and then drop on SoundCloud. But I wanna fight that n***a to bad . Everybody knows i could out rap him. It’s kinda pointless.” 

While there is plenty to unpack throughout the entire AMA, it should be noted that Guap did reveal he has an upcoming collaboration album with Buddy, as well as a few additional surprises tucked away in the cut. Not to mention, he’s been steadily waiting for J.I.D. to send him over a few tracks from the new Spillage Village album, so look for that to surface in the near future. For more from the Falcon, check out the full AMA over here. 


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