Gucci Mane Flirts With Returning To His Old Ways


It’s not often that a man can be divided so easily into two distinctive halves, yet Gucci Mane seems to have embraced the duality of both “Old” and “New” Guwop. And while he’s been largely enjoying life as the latter, which is to say, rich, married, and eternally optimistic, every so often he takes a trip back down memory lane and gives in to the temptations of “Old Gucci.” For those unaware, “Old Gucci” qualities include being ruthless, merciless, and engaging in straight-up sinister behavior. Like wishing his haters would die of coronavirus, for example. 

Gucci Mane Old Gucci

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Naturally, “New Gucci” seems to be the preferred state at the moment, given that “Old Gucci” ultimately found himself spiraling into the hard time that led to the transformation in the first place. Yet for whatever reason, Guwop decided to offer his fans and followers a poll of sorts, featuring two choices — “Old Gucci” or “New Gucci.” For the record, the latter seems to be his own preference, given his inclusion of the “better life” caveat. 

To no surprise, Mrs. Gucci herself, Keyshia Ka’oir, offered her own take in the comments: “Hmmmmm I say the new GUCCI! Old GUCCI too dangerous.” And while it’s unlikely Guwop would ever relapse to his former state, it’s becoming increasingly clear that every so often he misses the good old days; who doesn’t love the occasional jaunt down memory lane? Check out the highly self-aware question below, and sound off with your own takes in the comment section — which Gucci is your favorite?


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