Gucci Mane Forgets About Angela Yee & 2009 To Focus On How Shredded He Is Now


One of the major storylines in recent hip-hop news has revolved around Gucci Mane and The Breakfast Club. The Atlanta staple told the world that he had been banned from the radio show, namely because of Angela Yee’s feelings toward him. The two had an uncomfortable exchange a few years ago and it did not stick well with Yee. They’ve been going back and forth with subliminal and not-so-subliminal messages and today, Wop tried to forget about all the shots being sent his way by focusing on the now, showing off his shredded physique and reminding everybody that he’s not the same man as he was in 2009.

One full decade later, it’s insane to see how Gucci Mane has transformed. After a stint in prison, the superstar rapper went from overweight to fitness goals, flexing his washboard abs every chance he gets. Hitting the beach for an early morning jog, the rapper noted that people don’t want to see him happy before celebrating his current success, captioning a second photo “2019 GUCCI.” Some people are taking that as a jab to Angela Yee, who can’t help but bring back the past.

Whose side are you on in this beef? Gucci Mane or Angela Yee? And how good does Wop look these days???


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