Gucci Mane Goes On Furious Rant After $600K Ferrari Gets Towed


Gucci Mane is a man of luxury as you could probably tell by his jewelry and car collection, among other things. And why not? The rapper’s put in work over the past two decades of his life, he deserves to enjoy the finer things. The rapper was recently in Miami where he was living his best life until he found out that his car was towed. The rapper took to Instagram to put Mr. Jones on blast but now, there’s some BTS footage of what happened after he found out where his car was.

TMZ got footage of Gucci Mane going on an epic rant after partying at Mr. Jones in Miami Beach. The rapper’s $600K Ferrari Supercar was towed in a small parking lot behind the club but unfortunately, the exotic vehicle ended up getting towed with a few other cars. The rapper blasted officials that were on the site who appeared to accuse him of parking behind a CVS. 

Later on, the footage shows Gucci Mane approaching the counter to claim his vehicle but things for even more heated. Gucci undoubtedly had troubles getting his car back and a lot of it had to do with the fact that they wanted ID. The problem was that Gucci Mane’s ID was locked inside of his Ferrari. 

“My ID in my car!” Gucci yells at the guy at the counter. “You ask me for ID! My ID in my car!”

Eventually, Gucci Mane coughed up $300 and got his car back. 


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