Gucci Mane Has A Cool Million For The Next 1017 Artist


Gucci Mane has been steadily assembling his 1017 Records roster for a minute, with the most recent lineup being Ralo, Hoodrich Pablo Juan, Asian Da Brat, Lil Wop, Yung Mal, Lil Quil, and Z-Money. With a new decade underway, Gucci has set his sights on adding another branch to his family tree. And this time, he’s looking for some unsigned hype, taking to Twitter to narrow down the search criteria.

Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

“Who the hardest unsigned artist out right now?” he asks. “I’m trying to give them a deal and a million today!” Doubling down, he professes his intentions to change somebody’s life, the ol’ overnight millionaire tactic. “1st artist I sign to 1017 U get a million,” he affirms, simultaneously selling and flexing. 

Naturally, his comments quickly flooded with aspiring signees, though it’s unclear whether Gucci will make his decision by the end of the day. After all, it seems he’s looking to make a sound investment, one that can bring sustained longevity and ultimately recoup that million-dollar payday. Do you think a big signing would bring 1017 into the fold in a major way?


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