Gucci Mane, Kodak Black & London On Da Track Don “Big Boy Diamonds”


At this stage, it’s hard to argue that London On Da Track isn’t sitting comfortably among the game’s top five current producers. Every time you hear Kodak utter his iconic tag, you know the instrumental is about to hit. Gucci Mane’s “Big Boy Diamonds” is no different, with London laying down a smooth and well-arranged banger; as the beat progresses, new elements keep the vibe from stagnating. And whether you like it or not, it’s nice to hear from Kodak Black, who has been silenced since his incarceration in April.

The Big Stepper’s chemistry with London is evident from the jump, as Kodak reminds fans that he’s both a burglar and a murderer, so try him at your own peril. “I’m passing gas like I farted,” spits Kodak, “but if you smelt it you dealt it, water on me like I’m melting.” Picking up where “Woke Up In The Sky” left off, Gucci Mane grabs the baton. His flow is arguably the slickest its ever been, his themes at their most Scrooge McDuckian; the trap house has been exchanged for a mansion, and Gucci’s biggest concern remains catching a rash from counting his money.

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Quotable Lyrics

Shit on these n***as, I doo-doo
I’m passin’ gas like I farted
Boy, if you smelt it, you dealt it
Water on me like I’m meltin’, water
Fuck on your daughter, don’t call her, water
Come here, lil’ bitch, I’m your father, water


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