Gucci Mane Shows Love To OJ Da Juiceman’s Loyalty


There’s no disputing that Gucci Mane is a legend, even though some fans have trouble coming to grips with his current-day iteration. Even Gucci himself seems to refer to his 2009 self as if a different person altogether, a stark contrast to his glowed-up, married, and healthy variant. Yet while some things change, some things indeed stay the same. As evidenced by a recent IG post, Gucci Mane understands the value of loyalty, taking a moment to highlight his unwavering friendship with OJ Da Juiceman. A friendship that has stayed the course for over a decade, surviving incarceration and the loss of the iconic “trap gut.”

Prince Williams/Getty Images

Guwop put the evolution of their friendship in perspective, sharing a then-and-now image for his fans. “Loyalty,” captions Guwop, highlighting the important takeaway from it all. In an era in which those he came up with have been quick to shrug him off, it’s refreshing to see some of Gucci’s strongest bonds remain intact.

Check out the picture below, and revisit Gucci and OJ’s most recent collaboration “Last Night,” as seen on Woptober II. What’s your favorite collaboration from these two?


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