Gucci Mane Tries To Show Out For His Wife But Fails Miserably


Fresh off the release of his brand new project East Atlanta Santa 3, Gucci Mane’s holiday duties are complete. Unlike St. Nick, La Flare drops down your chimney with some fire new music, delivering the goods a few days prior to Christmas Day and allowing us to learn the lyrics and have some dope new playlist additions for the family party. This year, Gucci and his wife Keyshia Ka’oir are spending time in Jamaica to unwind and relax, learning how to surf while they’re there. Wop wanted to impress his lady by hopping on his board and perfectly executing a simulated surf experience on his first try but, as expected, he wiped out and ended up with some mild humiliation. 

Jeff Hahne/Getty Images

Gucci and Keyshia are spending time in a tropical destination and, as you’re supposed to, they tested out some watersports activities. The Atlanta legend held onto his trainer’s arm as he got used to the unfamiliar experience of being on a mini surfboard but the tide ended up being too much for him, falling flat on his back and letting the water drag him out. “When trying 2 show out for babe go wrong,” he wrote as his caption.

For what it’s worth, Keyshia was still impressed, giving him an “A for effort” in the comments. Wop’s second go-around was much more successful, still struggling slightly with his balance but failing to wipe out.

Watch the videos below.


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