Gucci Mane’s Appreciation Post For Keyshia Ka’oir Pulls In Mixed Reactions From Fans


A better part of the Internet would call Gucci Mane and his gorgeous wife Keyshia Ka’oir couple goals. Many fans know that La Flare was locked up and left Keyshia with a whopping $2 million and when he was released she tripled his bag to $6 million. The duo met on the set of Timbaland’s “Say Something” music video back in the day and began dating in 2010 when she accompanied him on tour. 

Victor Boyko/Getty Images

The “Wake Up In The Sky” rapper recently shared a post to Instagram showing love to his leading lady with a photo from their luxurious wedding that took place in 2017. However, his choice of words to accompany the photo is what has pulled in some mixed reactions.

“Everyone wants this, but what ya’ll forget was she was with wild Gucci, cheating Gucci, publicity with other women Gucci. This is Gucci after therapy/ rehabilitation. This is a street man groomed in his 30’s after he’s been at his lowest point,” the caption reads. “Point is, this is a rider who knew what she signed up for!”

One comment on the photo has pulled in over 400 likes, leading even more Instagram users to drop off similar reactions. “That ain’t relationship goals. A woman who goes through that much pain/emotional abuse to be with a man ain’t “SOLID”…thats “STUPID”….Learn the difference,” the user noted, while another added: “Publicity with other women Gucci? Ummm no ladies don’t let men trick you into thinking making yourself look STUPID is loyalty. Brainwashed as hell.”

A number of other responses state how “love is not struggling” making it clear that such a realaltionship maybe shouldn’t be called “goals.” Peep some of the comments and let us know what you guys think. 


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