Gunna “Crime Stoppers” Video Surfaces Causing Division Among Fans


Not our beloved Gunna Wunna! There are few things that can be as damaging as being labelled a snitch in the rap game. You’ve all seen what happened to Tekashi 6ix9ine. While there’s still a good chance that the rainbow-haired artist gets out and makes a killing off his newfound rat-based notoriety, 6ix9ine is an anomaly. The streets are still very much against snitching of any kind. If you bend, break, or fold, things will not look good for you. This Gunna situation is peculiar. In the midst of rapper Tec’s Spider-based feud with Young Thug, he decided to leak an old video of Gunna on a Crime Stoppers-type platform, speaking on the injustice that people face for not snitching. As expected, fans aren’t too sure how to react to the clip. Do we continue listening to Gunna’s music as if this never happened or is this enough for some people to throw in the towel? 

Fans are divided after a video resurfaced, showing a young Gunna, whose real name is Sergio Kitchens, on an episode of a show similar to Crime Stoppers. This isn’t the first time a rapper has been targeted with old videos of them snitching. In fact, similar accusations have been struck upon T.I. for years. Maybe it’s time for Gunna to get on the phone with one of his Atlanta OGs to determine the best way to handle this.

What do you think of this situation? Has your opinion of the rapper changed at all?


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